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This package provides all the core photography elements for a visual book cover project.

Ideal for clients with more restrained budgets, tighter time restraints or prop only requirements. The Prime Book Package includes:

  • Creative mood boards, brainstorming sessions and artistic direction
  • Sourcing of every day props (e.g. household items and nature)
  • Home studio photoshoot
  • Simple Photoshop manipulation and editing



A more in-depth and detailed package for book cover and other conceptual projects with a more sizeable budget and more time to create a complex visual result.

The comprehensive package includes everything in the Prime Package and builds in the following additions: 

  • Sourcing rare or complex props, costumes, accessories (e.g. cape, peasant dress)
  • Scouting locations (e.g. cobblestone streets, elegant doors, lakes)
  • Model casting for photoshoot
  • More complex Photoshopping and special effects (e.g. vampire teeth, glowing eyes)
  • Hair and Make up Artist



This package is for a wider scope of projects that require a more flexible approach and can be scaled according to requirements and budgets.

All Prime and Comprehensive Package elements can be included and translated into each bespoke project, including fashion campaigns and album artwork. The following additional options are available and will be reviewed in the creative development stage with the client:

  • Background and/or costume changes
  • Scouting and hiring shoot location
  • Model casting
  • Hair and makeup team who specialise in historical eras, avant-garde, special effects and fantasy looks.
  • Costume designer (for one of a kind pieces)
  • Hiring costumes and authentic era clothing
  • Working with fashion and accessory designers

Costs vary according to project

To find out more about a package, which option is the most suited to your project or for a quote, get in touch with Anna Roberts.